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Deb'bora Imani

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Thank God I Had Therapy Yesterday


Although the projects of the Bronx, New York in the mid 50's have now disappeared, the sounds and smells of the love, the light, the tears and joy, live on in the heart of a little black girl now grown up and feeling her power and peace. TGIHTY is a creative rendering of a life filled with spirit and hope. Using music and the spoken word the author narrates an emotional journey shaped by family, faith and belief.
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TGIHTY is a beautifully evoked and very moving account of a young black child’s journey in the USA from the trauma of adverse childhood experiences through to unconditional love and healing. We follow her as she finds her way - against the odds - to the safety and healing she encounters, on another continent.

Deb’bora Imani narrates her own story and her voice speaks to the listener with warmth, depth and clarity.  Her journey is compelling and vivid, told in her own words with the breadth of her “emotional repertoire” that she has learned to value. Deb’bora’s powerful expressive singing voice adds another dimension and reveals her incredible versatility.  The sound track that accompanies and enriches the story is a wonderful backdrop and helps the listener throughout to feel as though she is with Deb’bora in her world. I cried and laughed and was humbled. I thank god Deb’bora had therapy yesterday and I thank both her parents for passing on life to her

I am pulled in, by a voice wise, warm and familiar, weaving more than a story but a precious human experience, vividly and consciously expressed through story-medicine by a truly beautiful soul. This is more than an audio book. It is audible poetry that not only transports you to the places and events that Deb’bora has lived through, but allows you to feel them as she did and does — as a courageous, tenacious, and loving soul, determined to cling to the light within us all. She shares the gifts of her journey so graciously — the tears, the frustrations, the laughter, and the wisdom and gratitude gained from it all. I learn from her courage to look hatred in the face with determined compassion. I learn from her tenacity to dive into the darkness again and again with undying faith in the indwelling light. And I am humbled by the love and humor she wraps around every moment of it, with the smooth, sweet tenor of her voice.

Ellyn, US

This is no ordinary audio book.

This one will make you laugh and cry and everything in between.

Deb’bora takes you along beside her on her journey; weaving a tapestry of the threads of sounds, music, poetry and prose. Reflective passages are interspersed with enactments of vivid memories and images of significant incidents in her life.

From the darkness of some of her childhood experiences Deb’bora has pulled out threads of a sense of home and belonging which she has carried into her adult life.

Echoes of memories reverberate through the melodies of the present to create her sense of identity and self determination, freeing herself from the constraints of the past.

This is a story of ‘becoming’ and finding inner peace through forgiveness.

I thought it was brilliant and couldn’t stop listening.

Kate, Scotland

Clare, England


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